Women On Rise

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Hassina Moukhariq Director of International Development, OCP Foundation

In what ways can knowledge and capacity building among women address challenges related to climate change in the sector? A major challenge is how to feed the increasing global population amid the diminishing availability of arable land. Food security is at stake in many parts of the planet and creating a more climate-resilient and sustainable […]

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Case Study: Agribooster and Al Moutmir Programmes

Initially introduced as a pilot in Côte d’Ivoire in September 2016, the Agribooster programme strives to provide comprehensive support to farmers along every juncture of the agricultural value chain. Developed by OCP Africa, a subsidiary of the world’s largest producer of phosphate-based fertilisers, the Agribooster programme operates with a farmer-centred market development model, aiming to equip

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Raising Awareness

Women in Africa’s agriculture sector have historically faced marginalisation in the management of crucial assets and resources, especially when it comes to land ownership. According to statistics from the World Bank, less than 13% of African women have sole ownership of land, while the figure for African men is 36%. Likewise, women often engage in

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Skills and Knowledge

While women play a key role in smallholder farming operations, the challenge of limited education and training requires the implementation of capacity building efforts to ensure the adoption of best agricultural practices. In countries like Morocco, a promising organisational structure has emerged among female farmers through the establishment of cooperatives. A report from Morocco’s High

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Micro-loans and Finance

Securing financing to procure inputs is a key enabler of growth in the agriculture sector, though limited financial literacy, insufficient collateral and weak credit risk assessment have historically hampered farmers’ access to finance. This particularly affects smallholder farmers who struggle to access essential resources such as seeds, fertilisers and technology in a context where factors

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Women and Agricultural Transformation

Agriculture serves as the cornerstone of African economies, accounting for more than half of the continent’s employment and approximately 15% of economic output. Beyond being a source of livelihoods, agriculture is an arena where women play a pivotal role, actively engaged in producing, processing and marketing agricultural products. Within the context of sub-Saharan Africa, 66%

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